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Energy Saver

I've been reading Dr. Sue Morter's book The Energy Codes. This book is highly recommended for anyone who is interested in understanding the (mind body spirit ) connection. It is full of amazing exercises that have given me a deeper recognition of and connection to the subtle energy body field.

Again I'm delighted with the synchronicities and the timing. I have been speaking a lot about embodied recovery and the mind body protection that is inherent in the human experience.

There's a famous saying that we are either wired for connection or protection in any given moment. Sue Mortar talks about the fragmented Protective Personality that we identify as a rational mind. She calls this the Protective Personality. Her book is about moving from our Protective Personality into the Soul Self. She says "We are not just spiritual beings having a physical earthly experience. We are spiritual beings having a spiritual experience at the physical end of the energy spectrum, the difference between the two is huge, it's a difference between living as a Protective Personality and living as a soulful self, the body plays a key role in this difference.

At times I'm challenged by the main narrative that is out in our culture today. I believe that it is actually moving us away from our deeper realizations. She speaks about our detachment to recognizing our miraculous connectedness. It has become a destructive habit to compartmentalize who we are. She says "Even the dense physical body is just a compressed version of the spiritual body; therefore when we begin to wake up the spiritual body's energy, the entire system is affected. This activates a spontaneous remission in miraculous healings that we've heard and read about and is the purpose and focus of learning to work directly with their subtle energy anatomy. Another quote "Western Medicine's approach has historically supported this detachment. First it names the disease, giving it more weight, density and story, and making it harder to resolve. Then it either extracts the problem through surgery or masks it with medication. Strategies, however successful in the short term ultimately lead us away from the truth and resolution of the real issue".

I speak about our symptoms actually being signals. How life changing is that! We are no longer being attacked or a victim of these physical or emotion cues. They are actually a part of our healing journey as emissaries, that are here to help us Wake up. Dr. Morter states that "Remembering that the story level is a level of the symptom, and the level of the actual cause of what's happening in our life is the energy flow underneath, we begin to really get that. It's on energy level that we have the greatest ability to make change". This change happens are we integrate this truth allowing our circuity to be rewired. " Embodiment is really about awakening -awakening our mind or consciousness to the presence within the body of the Soulful self".

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