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As the founder of Bodintuit I am passionate in supporting you to discover and deepen your connection to your body desires for healing.


Bodintuit is a heart centered energetic medicine activated by deep listening and connection to our innate consciousness.  

Highly intuitive, I engage in a process  that allows individuals to get to the "heart of the matter". 

BodIntuit offers a unique,  approach that encourages and allows for deep transformation on four levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. As guided I offer valuable insight and will help you identify what patterns are impacting you.

Each individual has their own unique mind-body prescription for health. We will explore together and discover the signals and cues that your body is often radiating. These subtle and not so subtle signs are wisdom teachers: the gatesway for release.

Together, we can explore any resistance to freedom. Together, we will unleash your innate energies for wholeness.

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