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This is heartening....on a Global scale

In our last post we looked at how heart coherence worked within the body and its impact on us collectively, both socially and professionally. We delved deeper into the emotional aspects of coherence with compassion being a major player. Today we will look further into the heart centered revolution that embodies the biggest player of all.... LOVE and how HeartMath Institute is leading the revolution with their Global Coherence Initiative (GCI) !

Just a reminder....

"Most mathematical models show that the resonance frequency of the human cardiovascular system is determined by feedback loops between the heart and brain. In humans and in many animals, the resonance frequency of the system is approximately 0.1 hertz". The heart creates an electromagnetic field that communicates to all cells and beyond the body. It does this through through contraction which produces a current flow.

We are all life waves.....

"The implication of this evidence is that at some level we’re connected to each other. That the resonant frequencies in the earth’s fields act like carrier waves that connect us to each other through the heart, and that while in heart rhythm coherence we are in sync with the earth’s fields at a slow-wave rhythm".

So lets get loopy......

"One of GCI’s goals is to research whether large numbers of people generating heart-coherent states of love, care, appreciation, and compassion can build a heart-coherent field environment and a mutually beneficial feedback loop between people and the earth’s fields to facilitate global coherence".

Why is this important?.....

Love is a core heart frequency that unifies and lifts people’s perceptions above separation.

"Unconditional love sets the tone for true compassion. As our human intelligence spirals to the next station of enlightenment, then collective compassion will become the foundational vibration for amplifying the connection with our soul and source as they stream love and healing through our human experience. Compassion is transformational love and care manifesting in the most ripened state of effectiveness for the whole".

Their studies show....

"Our hypothesis was that over 100 hearts radiating love and appreciation into the energetic field at the same time facilitated emotional bonding or resonance. We also observed a very slow rhythm in their HRV ( heart rate variability) that we hadn’t seen before in research. This slow-wave rhythm was synchronizing with the rhythms in the earth’s fields as measured by the GCMS"( global network of sensitive magnetic field detectors).

and not just with humans....

"If the GCI hypothesis proves true, that the earth’s magnetic fields are a carrier of information that connects all living systems, it will help people understand how individually and collectively we are affecting the global information field"

How we think and act then matters.....

"That our attitudes, emotions, and intentions do matter and can affect all life on our planet, and that heart-coherent, cooperative intent could impact global events and improve the quality of life on Earth".

This month's content is a powerful testament to heart centered energetic medicine. The implications are enormous as to how our energetic heart is in a symbiotic relationship with the Earth and its citizens. Learning to live in heart centered connection is a powerful and for me is a life changing experience.

I would dare say this heart connection is universal (a part of the Cosmos) and can share about this "One Heart" understanding in a later issue. For now I can simply say I experience the world and beyond within and through my heart. This understanding is ineffable at some point and I feel humbled to have had the experience . I am grateful to know though that I am far from alone in this heart felt journey.

I will end with the potentialities of whole heartedness....

HeartMath views a "dynamic shift the collective is experiencing now across the planet is creating a time-release momentum for awakening humanity to open our hearts and step our love down into kindness, compassionate care, forgiveness, cooperation, and fresh starts."

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