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No Kidding!

I am thrilled to be reading Sue Monk Kidd again who is one of my favourite authors. When the Heart Waits is one of her earlier memoirs. As my Blogs attest I don't tend to follow the timelines of the latest best sellers; instead what seems to happen is I get a niggly or several recommendations from folks in a short period of time. Who knows maybe its a Dankini giving me a nudge! Whatever is the catalyst is I am appreciative of the universe giving me a signal.

However it comes to me there always seems to be some wonderous synchronicity that shows itself. Often it appears after I just recently learned something; think of it like a cosmic reassurance or affirmation. I love it when it has a wider angle and it can be in service to others as well.

Okay back to the book and its significance. I have a client who is now going through a metamorphosis. A spiritual or heart breakthrough that is revealing the darkness. How aligned that this is the genesis of SMK journey too, so beautifully described her pages. She uses the life of a butterfly literally and figuratively to explain her path. How many of us later in life go thorough our own diapose. A new word added to my vocabulary where we feel that nothing good is happening (hibernation). Both emotions and feelings will be intense which is likely an understatement. Our thinking may be in overdrive or offline. What is the saving grace then to make it through? To get glimpses that there is something marvelous in this mystery?.

We cant go back to the way we were and we may be frightened to know what lays ahead. Within the darkness of the cocoon the process has already begun. How wonderful that with the chrysalis; we may be learn to live and accept life with a Heart that can wait.

As she was waiting how marvelous that she was able to perceive and ask "Could it be that this is a holy dark?" Are you going through a transformation that is very challenging? Could this be your holy dark?

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