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New Consciousness: Let Your Heart Out in 2024!

Updated: Jan 15

Lets start off with a one of my new favourite quotes "The journey into the heart is our future and our only way of creating a future" by Gary Zukav from is 2001 book with Linda The Heart of the Soul. What does this incredible quote mean for us who are called into heart centeredness ? I do not believe he is referring to the fact that we have no future when our heart experiences cardiac death. I believe he is speaking about the vital understanding that many of us coming to understand that we are needing and desiring a radical shift; and that the heart will be the leader in this new way. Some of us have already peeked into the radical dimensional shift exploding and it is a heart centered!

I have been listening to some profound teachers in their fields these last few years and I am becoming convinced that something profound is happening on our planet. The message being shared seems to have some key elements: that a higher frequency is entering earth and that 2024 will bring about significant changes personally and collectively. Our hearts as shared in an earlier post has a powerful electromagnetic torus field. Although machines have been able to read that this field extends several feet I wonder if the heart has other capabilities that we have not been able yet to verify via the non local quantum field.

I wont go all para geek on you and I certainly have experienced speaking with clients all over the world and gaining and sharing amazing information while on Zoom together . I do not have to just go " all esoteric" here as the heart has wonderful attributes that are very grounding.

Our humanity is being challenged on many fronts. This is not new and there is an increasing speed to our daily lives. This busyness can block stillness and this can lead to lack of connection within ourselves and others. Our technology allows us to communicate instantaneously and that is not always necessarily wise. The capacity to pause and be at ease within ourselves and our world has been deteriorating. All however is not lost as challenging as 2020 to 2023 was many people took advantage of the restrictions during Covid to develop supportive practices. I can look back and see a world wide effort of compassion and care from a of the population. I am not taking sides here. I am saying that people willing to show up and support in a very diverse way and have come to see a tremendous amount of compassion.

What seemed to be a nightmare is now a wake up call!

So how does the heart fit in.....well the heart is attributed with many beautiful qualities along with wisdom; kindness and compassion are two more qualities attributed to the heart and these qualities are desperately needed on a planetary scale to bring healing.

Another quality is courage in fact in Latin Cor means of the heart. We need courage to be able to say things that are not popular. In November I started to share with people that "It is a great time to be alive". As you may be imaging the response was mixed considering so many of the tragic actions plaguing our humanity. I need heart to have hope and find it best to live in presence because of its capacity to see with clarity.

So then how do we create a future with heart?

Well not be to contrary but I need heart to allow the future to shown to me.

How though???

By living in today as heart felt as possible. I need to see each being as souls and not "the other". I need heart to be to vulnerable and speak what I do not want to say for fear of being rejected. I need heart BIG BIG heart to embrace JOY Brene Brown speaks of this in her book Braving the Wilderness. I was surprised to hear her share that Joy is the most vulnerable of emotions. I needed to pause to take that in. JOY vulnerable to what???? I then realized my aforementioned experience of JOY and what came through was the audacious statement "its a great time to be alive". I envisioned all of the retorts coming back "well of course that is because you are a white person living in privilege" or "you are in denial don't you see all of the suffering."

I need heart to accept and to be humble enough to know that my journey is not your journey at least on the 3rd dimensional level. Your answers are not my answers. I need heart to hear peoples views and their suffering. I need heart to allow and accept. I need heart to bring LOVE ( let ourselves/others voluntarily evolve) to whatever is coming our way.

Today I see Hope and Joy peeking through and as a friend said there is Harmony. Yes I feel all of this and do not want to hide what is beautiful.

Folks I also want to share that I cry a lot and am with many people as they do their deep work. My anxiety level varies as my breath varies. When I am doing something that is challenging aka tech I can shallow breathe and my ease evaporates. Today I am breathing into the challenges breathing into my heart.....leaning into them as best I can.

Today that looks like mindfulness in my waking moments. I am checking to see if I am in my heart space throughout the day. To end this blog I only know that my present and future well-being our inextricably linked with/to a heart connection. What can I say....learning as I go.....learning as I grow!

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