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In a Heartbeat......

I have been consuming two wonderful books authored by Gary E Schwartz Ph.D detailing his remarkable journey of bringing science into spirit. He has given credence through his work to our capacity to connect with the spiritual worlds. How much fun it is to follow his path from purported agnosticism to believer. I normally do not read books by the same author concurrently. However while reading his later book I was intrigued to find out how he got started on this path. The famous AFTERLIFE EXPERIMENTS and his latest Sacred Promise books are powerful examples from another open minded skeptic. Gary seems to have been called to conduct numerous experiments to see whether consciousness survives after our body dies. His meticulous efforts and reporting have brought many folks like me a sense of credibility.

What made me awe struck was a particular study with Linda Russek Ph.D in the AFTERLIFE EXPERIMENTS. Gary was reluctant at first to be open to a path of research related to if our consciousness survives after death. His journey started in secrecy with Linda to explore the possibility of "making contact" with her deceased father.

As you all know I perk up when reading information about the "heart" so I was intrigued to read that one person's heartbeat can be detected in another person's brain.

My first reaction was Whaaat?

One of their earliest studies involved the connection to health and the belief systems of 40 male subjects. This particular experiment was to explore further how health determinants are impacted by their perception of parental love and care. Gary and Linda's interest in former studies led them to postulate a question. Those who have a history of feeling loved by the parents would they have a greater capacity to be open to receiving love from Linda? They were also questioning if this parental love could extend beyond parental death or what Gary terms Living Souls.

I will let Gary share what happened.....

Bringing Soul Science into the University excerpt from AFTERLIFE EXPERIMENTS

Linda sat directly across from the subject, both of them wired to record brain waves and heartbeats. Was it possible that Linda’s heartbeat signals were being “received” by the man facing her a few feet away?

Each time Linda’s heart beat, it sent out an electromagnetic signal, just as mine does, and yours. Physics predicts that within microseconds, the electromagnetic signal from Linda’s heart would reach the gentlemen sitting opposite her. He would also be sending

his heart info-energy back to Linda. This would theoretically create a systemic feedback process between the two people.

Using sophisticated computer software that I developed specifically for this purpose, we were indeed able to detect the presence of Linda’s electrocardiogram in the brain waves of the men, and conversely, detect the men’s electrocardiograms in Linda’s brain waves.

Linda had offered a truly innovative prediction. She reasoned that the men who had perceived their parents to be high in love and caring would register a loving cardiac info-energy signal more strongly than the men who rated their parents low in love and caring. Linda hypothesized that people who experienced their parents as loving would be more open to receiving loving energy from other people, including her.

When we analyzed the brain wave and electrocardiographic data, we discovered that Linda’s prediction was confirmed. The men who rated their parents high in love and caring in college registered Linda’s heartbeats in their brains more strongly.

Linda’s vision and persistence led to the creation of “energy cardiology,” which examines the sharing of heart-brain information and energy between individuals. The experiment established a link between parental love and the registration of other people’s heart energy. If Linda’s further reasoning is correct, there may well be a bioelectromagnetic cardiac bond between people that is related in a fundamental way to one’s openness to love or loving energy. If the systemic memory hypothesis is correct, these interpersonal cardiac info-energy memories will not be forgotten. Cardiac info-energy patterns may even continue to exist after the body has decomposed. Is it possible that cardiac energy provides a loving bond that not only exists in the physical realm but continues as info-energy after physical life has ceased?

So it turns out that the theory of "energy cardiology" does more than just offer a potential explanation of how love contributes to health. It potentially explains how loving energy can continue after death and enable us to remain connected to the living souls of our loved ones.

How is this information related to the Bodintuit experience?

Loving presence and the ever more wonderous understanding of our heart connection is evident throughout this blog. I say Presence because our being present is vitally important to any healing process. As was shared earlier there is a feedback loop occurring in the experiments and also in BI sessions. Our consciousness becomes a greater playing field when we join each other at this level. This bond has an impact on our heath and I believe not just physically but also encompasses the mental emotional and spiritual realms as well.

In Bodintuit we may often start with putting our hands on our heart and breath into this heart space, This space that we both enter creates possibilities: insights, along with loosening constriction allows our Chi to move more creatively in our bodies and minds. Our visionary pathways are available to us in a expanded way when we are together; like the old adage says " two heads are better than one". Well how about we now can affirm to "two hearts are better than one!"

I will be looking into this "energy cardiology" theory a little more deeply to see the latest findings. I was also intrigued with Mediums while in a "reading" how their hearts shift and will share more about this at a later date as well.


I need no convincing that spirit is here helping us. Thankfully my experiences are too numerous to deny the truth. We are among many Beings or Living Souls that are here to not only give but also get support!

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