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Have a heart felt holiday

Holiday times, particularly in December, can be particularly challenging. Busyness, can erode what was meant to be a time of good cheer. What used to be a time of peacefulness simplicity and spiritual renewal can be co-opted by excessive activity. Along with this stress we can also experience a sack full of guilt and disappointment as expectations can run high.

If not being aware of the emotional and mental collective energy swirling around us we may feel it through physical signals letting us know that we overwhelmed. Headaches, backaches or stomach upsets are not unusual and a change in our regular diets are not always the culprit. Simple check ins through the day will allow us to see what and where are breathing may be up to (pun intended)! Our bodies are wonderful barometers to let us know what may be by-passed by the Cephalic.

As I've mentioned before, I'm a member with the HeartMath institute. I'm definitely geeked out in this area. One of the benefits of membership is to receive their fabulous e-book. This exclusive publication is full of incredible knowledge and key practices to help you build a heart -centered life. The next three paragraphs are taken verbatim out of the book.

"The Purpose of this book is to provide understanding of heart intelligence and how to apply it in a practical way to raise our vibration, which enables us to manage our energy, unfold or higher potentials, and create a fulfilling life.

Of course paradigms don't change overnight, but as the planetary heart energies increase and we gain more understanding of heart intelligence, we will collectively refine and advance the process.

As more people access their hearts intelligence, it creates an energetic connection that makes it easier for others to do the same. We contribute to this energetic momentum of heart-based awareness as we take responsibility to release judgments and separation. This helps to clear the energetic density between our spirit and humanness that restricts the manifestation of our higher potentials".

For the last several years I've been using various meditations created by the HeartMath institute. I will paraphrase a key practice that I've found helpful. When faced with stress and challenging feelings that may cause a sense of separation from myself and others

First put your hand on your heart area then start to focus your breath into the heart area for several minutes. As you are breathing envision a sense of compassion being generated.

Keep breathing slowly into the heart until you feel a sense of calmness coming into your heart area. Now Imagine breathing into heart and that heart energy beginning to flood all of the cells of your body with love. Continue breathing and visualizing the love energy going to all the parts of your body.

Repeat this process as many times as needed until you have a sense  that you have breathed into your whole body.

This exercise can be done while standing in long line ups waiting to complete our purchases or being put on hold waiting for customer assistance. We also can do this with a more preventive medicine mindset, before we make a challenging call to family or others or entering into someone home or office gathering.

This simple exercise can change the way we respond to ourselves and others. The pausing can help rejuvenate our well-being. We don't need to focus on huge paradigm shifts on a world level. We can do this ourselves and witness the difference. The simple fact is when we can feel more peaceful we  have access to a more compassionate and kind view, and in turn this energetic presence will impact others.

So how ever you celebrate or don't celebrate this time of year I wish everyone a Heart Felt greeting of Good Will towards All.


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