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Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Last month we talked about the HeartMath's Institute findings related to the earth's geo-magnetic fields frequency our heart having a similar frequency. This is very significant finding that has me believing that our heart and planet are inextricably linked. Today we will look more closely at our heart 's personal, social and business coherence.

Lets first discuss something a little closer to home....the body. The HMI folks describe one aspect of how the mind/heart connect. Turns out that their is a "direct neural pathway from the heart to a key brain center involved in processing emotion called the amygdala. In fact, the cells at the core of the amygdala synchronize to the heartbeat. In other words, the heart rhythm pattern is informing the amygdala with important information that helps determine our emotional state. This can lead to coherent or non coherent states."

Ha..... there is that word coherent again and again....described by Google as a unified whole or clear and calm state. Our physiological relationship between the heart and brain will allow us to experience a sense of connectedness or a sense of separateness aka coherent or non coherent state.

They go on to speak about the range and benefits of coherence.......

"When we sit quietly in a heart-coherent state, it can at times seem like not much is going on; yet from a physiological view, a lot is going on. When you’re in a coherent state, your nervous system is more aligned, your hormonal and immune systems are getting rebalanced, and your mind and emotions are connecting with more of your spirit. All of this internal realignment increases resilience throughout your system."

I am going to make a leap and say that we are meant to experience this realignment and this is one of the key reasons why.....

"Increasing our coherence makes cooperation and compassionate care for each other come naturally. Coherence occurs at all levels in nature, from the micro to the macro and within the human experience. Coherence is a natural state that accompanies who we are at the core of our being."

So one of the many fruits of coherence is accessing higher states.....

"Compassion is a most powerful and intelligent frequency within the love spectrum. As we unconditionally express compassion, it intuitively chooses its own way to administer its care based on a sensitive attunement to the higher need of the whole."

So how does this play out in our social lives?

"This energetic field can be detected several feet from the body with sensitive magnetometers. The heart’s electromagnetic field provides a plausible mechanism for how we can “feel” or sense another person’s presence and emotional state independent of body language or other factors. It also provided evidence of heart rhythm synchronization between people, or what is called social coherence."

I am all for collective harmony fields.....

"A growing body of evidence is suggesting that an energetic field can form between individuals in a group through which communication among all the group members occurs. In other words, there is a literal group energetic field that connects all the members. As more individuals within a group (sports team, workplace, school classroom, social group, etc.) increase their heart coherence, the group increases in social coherence and can achieve its objectives more harmoniously with more effective outcomes."

This can also influence our professional lives......lets get Heart Smart!

"A work environment where people move and flow with inner balance and warmth, and treat each other with compassion and care, is a more satisfying place to spend eight or more hours a day. In today’s world of high-speed change and constant connectivity, leaders and employees need to be more heart-smart and intuitive than before to maximize potentials. We call this business heart. A leader with business heart knows that a strong heart and clear head are both essential."

Ahhh there is a much bigger spiritual picture unfolding....

"Through raising our vibratory rate, we become conscious that our energetic heart is coupled to a deeper part of our self." Many call this their “higher power” or their “higher capacities,” which links us to a non-local quantum field of information and energy which physicist David Bohm called the “implicate order” and “undivided wholeness.” When we are in heart coherence, we have a tighter alignment with the heart intelligence that connects us to that Source".

These remarkable understandings highlighted in this month's blog are a very good fit with the Bodintuit experience. I love hearing that our heart's intelligence (wisdom) helps us to connect to the Source. When I first started body communication my thought was the heart centered energetics piece was a part of Bodintuit. I am not so sure now that it may be the other way around! Bodintuit communication is very reliant on the heart's capacity. As this blog highlights: the spiritual heart is connected to all beings, including our planet. This powerful awareness is truly incredible. What is even more in-credible is that I have first hand experience of this process.

It was only four years ago that I said a simple heart centered prayer that accelerated my healing on all levels! I have more peace and joy then I have ever in my life. I am in good health and able to live a deeply meaningful life. Through the utilization of many practices a connection is renewed daily that leads to a coherent state of heart/mind. This mind (shen in chinese) includes access to our cosmic consciousness. I have come to understand today that the most important fact of my life is finding Godde/Universal connection within my Heart.

I am so grateful to all the teachers, healers, sages and all those who are called to a heart embodied life.

In successive blogs we will be speaking about the initiatives of the HearthMath institute in the their quest for Global Heart Coherence.

Thank you for joining me on this Heart Felt journey.

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