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Updated: Feb 10, 2023

TCM is an ancient system of health and wellness that’s been used in China for thousands of years. Western medicine often focuses mainly on treating disease. TCM looks at how each system is integral to the other focusing on the entire being.

**I first was introduced to TCM via acupuncture. The treatment has been an integral part to the healing from Fibromyalgia. TCM teaches how our body is in relationship with itself and with nature. I came to recognize it as a sacred art and felt so passionate about its efficacy that I went back to school to continue to heal.

I graduated with a diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine with an elective certificate in Medical Qi Gong : Most philosophies acknowledge the heart as having an innate wisdom and TCM is no different. TCM considers the heart to be "the emperor" and I heartedly agree. My experience has proven to me that relying on the wise heart's power to discern the path is an incredibly effective approach to life.

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