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Are we an Electric Universe?

Updated: Apr 5

I was watching the network and came across a video of Paul Wagner sharing his take on how our Cosmos works. Does Electricity Connect EVERYTHING in Our Universe?

What was interesting was noticing a high frequency Joy as I delved into this subject. In this blog I wish to share some of my learnings. Warning this blog has a lot of seemingly disparate information and yet it seems all wonderfully connected as I continue to discover how our truly vast and awesome our universe truly is.

First a quote though from Tesla "What one man calls God, another man calls Physics."

Lets go over the the basics according to Google: Physics is the study of matter, energy, force and motion on a physical plane. Hmmmm....these sound like they are separate entities and we know from Einstein's famous quote that "Energy cannot be created or destroyed it can only be transferred from one form to another." Also from Google " At the subatomic level, atoms are not solid but rather 99% energy or particles." So then I understand that Everything that exists is a manifestation of energy.

This Everything is made up of atoms: (protons neutrons and electrons) with electricity being the movement of electrons between atoms. "Electrons are quantum objects and along with all other quantum objects, an electron is partly a wave and partly a particle. To be more accurate, an electron is neither a traditional wave nor a traditional particle, but is instead a quantized fluctuating wavefunction". So this is wave particle duality depending on the conditions they are exposed to. Higher energy conditions act more like particles lower wave function more like waves. Okay so this may seem like gobblegook unless you are what I lovingly call a para geek.

I will go back to move forward ... when studying Chinese medicine back in 2010 it was a struggle to grasp chemistry and physics from the Western standpoint. It was like only a part of me was functioning and so I struggled to digest huge parts of information and then regurgitate it for exams. Memorization was my answer as my consciousness was not fully engaged. I found that my long term absorption rate was poor as I could not recall easily what I had learned days later no matter weeks or months later. Contrast this with my choice taking an elective study in Medical Qigong. I often shared with folks it was insane to take on an extra non-compulsory certificate. However, with all sincerity I got through school because of the energy and hope generated from this wholistic teaching. I did not need to think so much as recognize that there was a "knowing" that these sacred teaching were true and vitally important. You could say I was electrified when learning or recognizing this ancient wisdom.

So how does my experience of being "lit up" when engaged in certain subjects, but not in others have to do with electricity?

A lot from what I am studying. Brain cells (neurons) fire when a electrical signal runs through it connecting or chatting with other cells hence the famous saying from Hebb "cells that fire together wire together." However I do not think our learning process is that simple. From a deeper level meaningfulness and sacredness have a role in determining the strength of our commitment and ongoing interest in certain areas and not others as my experience demonstrated. It is not just a electrical experience of firing as dopamine and other chemical messengers also play a role into where we decide to focus. Dopamine plays a vital role in our seeking out certain experiences over others. Again many important chemical reactions involve the exchange of one or more electrons. I won't go into any more electon-ic geek stuff lest you stop reading this blog.

So first let me digress to bring in a deeper level of sacredness. I will share the story Brian an elder who was connected with his deeply spiritual soul/self. He was in the hospital with end stage liver cancer. Brian was emaciated, tired easily and yet he literally glowed. He kept sharing how blessed he felt and when I put my hand on his chest and looked into his eyes I started to cry. He mistook my crying as being a sign of worry. He shared with compassion that "he was okay"; and my retort "I am not even remotely worried about where you. I am crying because of how much I am going to miss you". I felt so my much love emanating from him and was grieving what I thought was that imminent loss.

Ahhh the plot thickens with yet another synchronicity as at the same time as finding the Theory on the Electric Universe I have been enjoying Mark Anthony's book the Afterlife Frequencies. How wonderful to find Mark using the words electromagnetic soul. "All life is energy and energy never dies. Spirits are part of this great fabric of energy and of intelligence where as pervades and flows through this energy; spirits are pure quantum electromagnetic energy". We all have a electromagnetic soul as Mark explains "On the most basic level, all things, from the grains of sand on the beach to your blood cells to the nuclear reactions in the sun, are not only energy but energetically interconnected."

So now I ponder is it possible that as folks are experiencing their physical self dissolving/degenerating does this allows their soul to emerge and shine more brightly? Is this glowing light connected to a electrical nature streaming through our astral /subtle body?

He goes on to describe how interdimensional communication (the interface btw this world and the other side) works. I appreciate simple explanations for complex or esoteric topics. When I write about vibrations for this blog this refers to the movement ( oscillation ) of a electromagnetic wave. When I write dimensions this refers to states of consciousness.

So how is this relevant and applicable to what Bodintuit is all about?

I find those who have experienced connection with the Afterlife comforting. Knowing that beings in other frequencies (rates or speed of a vibration ) are available to us is both reassuring and dare I say electrifying. I now understand and experience that we have multiple dimensional capabilities and realities. The process of Bodintuit has been one of discovery as I open and deepen my consciousness. I now freely communicate with this intelligence through a client's body complex with its inherent connection to ALL. Many people would ask if the session could work virtually and I too was quite skeptical about long distance healings in my younger years. Today I know this is not some easily dismissed "woo woo" stuff as science has answered that question with this "the higher the frequency the longer the range". We have Heinrich Hertz and whose name is now synonymous with frequency measured in cycles per second or Hertz to thank for this! So yes indeed our capacity to transmit and receive is connected to our level of coconsciousness ( dimension) we are in.

I want to clear up that most individuals experience or visit various dimensions through their wake/ sleep. It can be compared to being a visitor exploring different countries or locations.

So lets start making some simple connections. How wonderful to start making the parallels btw our electromagnetic soul and how our universe is also electrically to speak. It is hard to describe in this blog the ecstatic sensation upon the discovery of the awesome brilliance and oneness of our INternal and EXternal Cosmos. How could we not be a Electrical Universe if at our core we ALL share a "electron-ic connection".

These learning have impacted how I participate in world wide meditations. I now envision our beautiful earth with golden electrical currents running through it like veins. These veins filled with electricity are like the veins of our body delivering the vital blood to our bodies.

Its all so fascinating and I hope this lights you up too. So in another issue we will dig in a little deeper exploring electromagnetic fields and our heart connectedness.

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